Saturday, March 14, 2009


this native food is PALITAW. Palitaw is a small, flat, sweet rice cake eaten in the Philippines. They are made from malagkit (sticky rice) washed, soaked, and then ground. Scoops of the batter are dropped into boiling water where they float to the surface as flat discs - an indication that they're done. When served, the flat discs are dipped in grated coconut, and presented with a separate dip made of sugar and toasted sesame seeds

the puto cheese and the casava cake.deliciously Filipino native fave food made of flour and cassava.

if you are looking for somewhat tasty and delectable mouth watering food especially during snack time, why don't you dine and have yourself love thy native delicacies in town! in where you can actually help the lives of the bohol farmers and easy on your budget.
our orders at Jojies painitang bolanon located at Tagbilaran City Square Ground level fronting RCBC bank. where you can choose a variety of native pinoy fave snacks dish in a cheaper cost but heavier in the stomach.

bonding time once again with my bestfriends since College days. though it rained so hard it didn't bothers us to meet and have some pretty little chats together. We really miss the fun we used to have before when we were students. Now, we all have new path of life but then the friendships we have still remains the same, grows even more. That's friendship's all's not the distance, nor the married life would take us apart.but the communication we have and the love we have for the three of us and to our dear sons and daughter too.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Disappointed for AVON hair blower

what a day!!! minutes ago i was taking my shower. since i have some important things to do later at 4pm today, i notice that my hair is really that wet and i remember i have my avon hair blower i went upstairs and plug in the hair blower..while blow drying my hair, the hair blower suddenly stopped!! damn it.. i just bought it recently and i used it not so often, the price for that hair blower is not worthy for the product itself.if only i knew, i had just bought myself in Unitop for only a hundred. I don't know if avon shall be liable for this..maybe not! maybe yes!

To Avon philippines, kindly have some double quality check for your other products. Inform the manufacturer either whoever your supplier is. we, your customers need to be satisfied for I am myself Loves your products especialy cosmetics but i am just too disappointed for this thing right thing to do..dump it to the garbage!!! again please's not good.i know you have the name to protect. remember, we your customers are the best advertiser of your products!!!

hospital days

this was the most tragic things happens this March 2009.My brother were admitted to the hospital for he was suffering fever for 3 days and he's not eating either. on the first and 2nd days of his fever,we thought that it was just because of the weather change. But then,when it reaches until on the 3rd day and He had a complain for he's really getting bad,so my mom woke me up and told me to bring my brother to the nearest hospital for check up coz it's not normal and not healthy anymore.So, my Dad rushed him to Tagbilaran Community Hospital for check up and the doctor had some laboratory test on his urine and blood. They were told to wait for 60mins for the laboratory results but then my brother told my Dad to bring him home coz he wants to rest. when they arrived.i decided to pick up the result so that for anything about the results i would buy the necessary medicines then..But that was not the scene then..the doctor told me that my brother were subject for admission since they need to go for some test for they found out that his blood platelets were under the normal platelets, our normal platelets is 150,000 but his platelets were only 136,000 and it's alarming! these can lead possibly to Dengue ..Oh my God!! i went home with cold feet, cold hands,my heart beats were that fast,i was really into my mix emotions at that time.because at that point,i still don't have enough financial for the hospital. My hubby's allote will arrive 3 days after.while on my way home,i almost drop some tears.i don't want my brother will suffer, i want him to be admitted in the hospital.So i talked with my parents at home regarding my brother's condition.We knew the fact that we don't have the money to be needed in the hospital. But i insisted to bring my Brother after dinner by hook or by crook.Money can be found somewhere i told them.But then my brother told me to bring him in the morning as what he told me" Don't worry i still can manage overnight,i will not die yet sis!"and you know what it hurst inside, i am very emotional with regards to the situation like this. but i haven't showed them that i am so down. i am strong as what they expect me. i have been stronger ever since but they just don't know that i am too weak also if family were involved.

the following morning, my brother were submitted to ER at the hospital and was examine by Doctor Caminero. it's my brother's first time for a dextrose thing attached to his hand.He stayed 4 and a half days at the hospital and he was diagnos for SVI. Thanks God, it was not dengue!! God forbid.. he just need for a bed rest,drink more fluids,avoid alcoholic beverages,and take vitamins. But honestly, i am not convinced yet that he's fine..i know theres something related to LIVER PROBLEMS coz i found out that his eyes were yellowish.and when i searched the internet, it's one sign of a liver desease. Yeah, my brother drinks and got drunk oftentimes. and i hate it.. He's not listening to us when we tried to avoid him with those drinking mates here.He keeps drinking though he still don't have foods taken.a BAD HABIT shall i say! Now, he realizes already the advises and the good things that we always told him but then he neglected to follow because of that drinking mates. bad influences around,peer pressure so on and so forth.Glad he's not smoking either so it lessen the problems.
So,early morning tomorrow after breakfast, my Dad will bring him to the doctor wishing him luck..wish he can fully recover so soon.

Fil N' Fun Pool

this was taken last February 23,2009 where kids has no classes..President Arroyo declared and move the EDSA ANNIVERSARY instead of February 25,but moved to 23rd so that classes would not be cut-off on 25th. i bought a tom and jerry swimming pool for my son though he's still 1 year and 4months old as of this writing.he's enjoying with under my supervision while on the pool with friends. that monday morning,i brought the pool at my cousin's house coz they have a big loan in ther house compare to our loan area at home. my cousins helped me to fill in the pool with water and put some toys and gathered my son's friends with their mom's was a great bonding with those moms together because while supervising the kids we had a long talks too.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Baby,i would like to express my gratitude for this two things posted Lizclaiborne bag and the SE celfon.. you just don't know the feelings when the cargo arrived that early evening here at home. it seems i want to open the box hurriedly coz as what you always told me there are some surprise inside.

franz first birthday

it's kinda late to post for this event but still this are some of the highlights of my son 1st birthday last October 15,2008... it was so much fun's a big crowd surrounds with family,relatives and close friends around. I know, there are still more to improve next time.. Atleast, on the next BirthdayI have already the ideas much more than the 1st birthday..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008